Welcome to Tiddleminster

Book your tickets to the comedy timeshare pitch. A début hour of stand up comedy, story telling and showing off which pushes Microsoft PowerPoint 1997 beyond the limits it thought possible. Learn more about this strange place and find your nearest showing. Perfect for 16+ years, featuring mild peril, a c-word not the c-word and illustrated nudity. Read more.  

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"What's he on about?" 

Like most people in the Millennial bracket, I do a bit of blogging. Unlike most Millennials, it's mostly about moths, hiding in nightclub toilets and firing cannisters of tear gas into the old Scout Hut.  

The perfect destination for those interested in video games, talkies and nightmarish visions of the near future and recent past. You'll also see the early stages of material which will cause crowds to shiver and groan. Dive in


Killer Content

If your project is looking for confident and distinctive writing which packs a 5 knuckle punch then you're in the right place. My expansive portfolio includes value position development, branded copy, press releases, advertisements as well as blogs, reviews and articles. So if you're looking for distinct and engaging copy, let's have a chit chat.