Having the time of his life

Having the time of his life

Upcoming shows:

  • Coming soon. Having a baby, innit. 


  • Winner, Comedy Hat Comedian of the Year 2016
  • 5* review for 'Welcome to Tiddleminster' from Ed Festivals Magazine 2015
  • Beat the Frog World Series 2015
  • Finalist, Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year 2013 
Holding it all together is Cantrill himself, able to produce both simple and bizarre punchlines with unerring skill... An absolutely inspired hour of comedy.
— Tom Crosby, Edinburgh Festivals Magazine, *****
... Just about every style of comedy you could possibly dream of, and a few you probably couldn’t.
— Humanity Hallows (Manchester Met Uni Mag)
Chris Cantrill, with the help of his trusty laptop, performs a surrealist presentation that would have Dali’s moustache twitching with pleasure. A mystical journey into a cheese filled nightmare, the content and its delivery are straight out of the top drawer... Somewhere along the line is a highly conceptual spectacle waiting to happen.
— Jack Clayton, Whats On London

Stand Up | Writing | Illustrations

Christopher Cantrill has been performing comedy regularly since 2013, peddling a mix of surreal stand up and storytelling, often incorporating illustrations which push PowerPoint presentations to well over 100mb. Common themes include studies into the paranormal and the ongoing maintenance of his Tamogotchi babysitting farm.

'The Halloween Horror Compendium' was his first show which was the hottest thing in Islington. Audiences were treated to 3 stories, each more terrifying than the last (apart from the middle one).

His second hour, 'Welcome to Tiddleminster' made its début at the Edinburgh Festival 2015 where it was lapped up before making appearances nation-wide. 

His next venture is establishing The Delightful Sausage, Manchester's newest new material night for alternative comedians. If you're name is 'Perry' you get in for free. 


You bring the Mars Bars













Cantrill on Cantrill:

People look at me and wonder who this ripped, young Italian guy is.
— Chris Cantrill