Case Study | Brownber Hall

Knowledgeable, hard-working and fun, Chris worked tirelessly to ensure our relaunch was a success. Highly recommended!
— Peter & Amanda, Brownber Hall

Peter and Amanda have recently taken over as the custodians of Brownber Hall, a beautiful Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the Yorkshire Dales. They needed help with a range of projects for a relaunch, including developing their brand identity, relaunching the website, managing Social Media and creating a CRM programme.

BH Case Study Planning.png


The initial stage of this project was to first establish the requirements by completing a brief. After we had a clear idea of where they wanted to go with the project, the next stage was to build a wire-frame to structure the website, building it around our research of how customers use similar websites within the sector.

Once we'd established how the site would work best for customers, I set up a simple work log and the working processes required to complete the relaunch quickly. 

Brownber Writing.png

Copy & design

Once the wire-frame layout for the site had been finalised, I set about researching and writing the content which would be used on each of the pages. Working closely with Peter and Amanda, I grew to understand them, the history of the hall and what makes it so special for guests.

Using assets created for Brownber Hall by the excellent Ben Copland, I updated and used the new branding to create a guest guidebook, menu, additional signage for around the hall and social media assets.

Finally, I scheduled and managed a photo shoot so the images on the site truly represent Brownber Hall's new direction. It also allowed us to capture the first round of updates to the decor.

Brownber Email Image Block 2.png

Press, social media, & CRM

Working with Peter and Amanda, I coordinated a campaign to promote the re-launch of Brownber Hall through local press. To do this we established a list of contacts, created a press kit and release for distribution.

Putting a social media strategy in place has been another top priority. Brownber Hall is now actively promoting a mixture of experiential and offer-based content across three social channels, each with a clearly defined function. You should also check out their inspirational outdoor adventures on Instagram!

Brownber Hall now also has a CRM programme to re-market to previous guests and welcome new and potential guests.  

We're at the start of a long partnership and there is a whole host of exciting projects on the books for 2017.