Moth becomes a Sausage

Another episode of The Delightful Sausage has come to pass! This month we had Liam Pickford to open the show who looked mucky and unwell throughout.

The vessel of your doom

For the next show we're going to drop the Château le Bomb title and focus all our energies into The Delightful Sausage brand. We're doing this mainly because it's a pain in the balls to press ALT + 0226 every time you want a little 'â'.  

As such, we've updated the designs for our artwork using a nice clean graphic, making it looks like a book for really naughty kids.  

Our next show is a Valentine's Special which has Sunil Patel. He's coming up all the way from London (or LDN as he probably calls it while he's putting his meals on Instagram). 

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