What's he playing at?

As you guys know I'm a dedicated and spend my free time playing computer games. I like the bits where you unlock a new item and it lets you go to an area you couldn't previously get to before. Also, I've got a teeny, tiny role voicing a character in the upcoming Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet.   

Big news. Batman: Arkham Knight has just been clocked like a 1940s sailor in a bar brawl. I even got all the Riddler trophies which made the last few hours feel like hard graft but overall it's a great end to a fantastic franchise. Never before has a game so realistically captured a guy having a tough night. 

I've just pressed Play + Record at the same time and loaded up Far Cry 4. It's a huge, open-world first person shooter which I'm enjoying immensely so far. Mainly because I'm pretty sure I'll get to throw a grenade at an elephant soon.   


Just took a tea break and have had the chance to reflect a little bit - life's a game, innit?