Festival Blog: mid-season hiatus

We're at the halfway point in the 'Tiddleminster' run. It's that nice spot where on the one hand it feels like you're settling into the buzz of it all and on the other you're imagining flying ants hatching out of your skin - ruining everybody's summer.

So far everyone who's paid us a visit has lapped up the mixture of high octane sales-based thrills, spills and blood clots. If you see me in the street I'll keep saying "I'm having a great time". Sometimes I mean it, other times it's forced through tight, white jaw muscles.

Seeing some really impressive shows and will feed back in more detail but if you want to see something totally off the wall, grab a seat at the next showing of 'Journey to the Centre of Dead'. It's a play put on by fellow night freaks of the Red Order and it'll make you sneeze your brains out onto a paper towel.

I also had a late night conversation about alternative revenue streams with a genuine freelance assassin. He says it's not as glamorous as you might think - it's less abseiling down skyscrapers in Tokyo and more stabbing blokes in car parks. Still, cash in hand.