Festival Blog

Looks great that does

I'm currently hauling ass all over the Edinburgh Fringe Festival promoting my first stand up show 'Welcome to Tiddleminster'. Here are the things I've learnt about the festival, myself and human nature in the first week: 

Red text on a light blue background hates you

With print deadlines looming and spinal fluid flowing I opted for a combination of text and colours which can only be read on the clearest of days by the most sober of soul. Even if they do sink the hours into decoding the blurb, other barriers such as references to the Insane Clown Posse will ensure only the afflicted will buy their tickets in advance.    

You can have a lethal injection or serve time in an Acapella group?  

The main entry requirements seem to be putting a hoodie on the right way round and being able to move from one foot to the other. Please note, I've been very careful not to use the word 'dancing'. Looking forward to next week when the tensions and vocal chords fray.     

 I'm a terrible person

Oh yeah - I'm a small, petty little guy with beady little weasel eyes which carefully study and vomit on the success of others. Plus, having crowds of exclusively white faces make me suspect I've subconsciously been racially profiling my audience when flyering.

'Welcome to Tiddleminster' is daily @ The Mash House (Bottle Room), 13:20, 6th - 30th August. It's a 'Pay What You Want For the Love of Christ Please Come in' kind of thing.