Wacom Gallery: Charles Testofell

Here's the background info you need to know what's happening here:

  • I purchased a Wacom tablet which is a tool for digital drawing. It's slightly bigger than a piece of A4 paper which has the words "Mister Gledstone" written on it in marker pen. It costs over £200. 
  • My mental make-up means that if I don't demonstrate instant progress with something new I cast it aside, disgusted. I think this makes my insides an ugly, stinking heap.
  • When I purchased the tablet I was having a kind of mini meltdown and following that it's spent some serious time in a cupboard which I cannot allow. 

So I intend to start cracking out a regular succession of little portraits using the tablet and hopefully if I do enough of them they'll start developing. The first of these is...

Charles Testofell - by Lee Jones

Charles Testofell was the Flemish bare knuckle boxing champion in the years leading into the First World War. A lover as well as a fighter, Charles was known to have made love to as many as 250 women before an inopportune punch to the beanbag left him as a sterile as a spayed Dutchman. He was killed in the first year of the war after falling off another man's horse. 

"I'm a get, get, get you drunk"