Open for business

My Manchester base of Operations is now up and running. I'm a house guy now which means I'm always talking about the house and what I'm doing inside of it. I referred to a new bit of plaster board we commissioned as my 'dry wall' which means I need to dial back the transatlantic TV viewing. Does anybody have a torrent for Happy Valley?

Aside from that had a lovely week getting out and about on the local comedy scene which led me to Beating the Frog, the Worst Comedy Night in Salford and finally a return to Cradley Heath's finest - The Holly Bush. Everyone seems really nice and that.

This did not nearly get enough traction on social

P.S. right now I'm listening to a playlist covering 2005 - 2015. It's called 'Oldies but Goodies' but they all sound brand new to me. What does this mean?