The Delightful Sausage

There's no way I'd have made it onto the stage, jumped out of a plane or tried quinoa unless I hadn't made some bold, Carlsberg fueled declaration beforehand - committing myself in the full glare of Social Media.

Now Edinburgh is a distant hangover and we're settling into life in Manchester it's time to get cracking on setting up a new comedy night. The below are what I've got so far in terms of concept, still sketchy but it's out there now.    

What is The Delightful Sausage?

5 years ago a top secret mission into deep space returned to Earth. The crew of the Delightful Sausage had passed away and the cause of death was as much of a mystery as their mission objectives. However, upon inspecting the bodies several creatures hatched out and they decided that they wanted to put on a new kind of comedy night, bringing together the best in sketch, stand up and storytelling.

Each month a team of wild misfits will take a break from howling at the moon to track and lasso alternative comedians, bringing them kicking and screaming to the Delightful Sausage - the only club night still running at the apocalypse.

Where can I wrap my hands around it?

This night of comedy can be found at twilight, if you’ve got all the right passwords and items. The Sausage is the newest Alternative Comedy night to hit the Northwest and will be showcasing acts from all over this fine country, the world and maybe even universe if there is somebody out there receiving our messages.

Who are the choice cuts of offal?

Team DS is being founded by Chris Cantrill, Amy Gledhill and Nicola Redman. Our ranks will swell to include any other midnight freak show looking to try out some new ideas. We're just paying tribute to the big worm in the sky in the only way they know how.