Château le Bomb - #1

Bonjour. I'm kick starting a new comedy with some other folk in Manchester. Below is breakdown of what it is and where we're at. 

Welcome to Château le Bomb

The North West's newest alternative comedy new material night featuring stand up, storytelling, music, video and possible an other-worldly gypsy playing a tin whistle. 

The issue with new material is that it tends to be dreadful and make an audience want to slit their wrists the long way down so there's no chance they'll work up back in the room. 

So, we're looking to create a safe environment for acts to develop new bits as well as a funny and memorable night for the punters.

"How you going to do that, mate?"

Scroll down, you filthy trolls.   

How it works

How we're going to make it useful for the acts yet fun for the civvies is by limiting acts to 3 minute segments to try a couple of new ideas. This will inject a snappy pace into the night and if someone has mistaken a big steaming pile of poop for a joke then we won't have too long to wait until it ends. 

Between the acts we'll showcase short videos, musical interludes and challenges for the audience. There will be prizes because studies have shown that nobody will do a God damned thing for anyone else unless there's an incentive.  

Where & when

We've locked down the Northern Quarter's Castle Hotel for 3 dates as a trial run with a view to developing it as a long term prospect. The first show is booked in for December 16th followed by January 20th and February 16th.     

How much nut?

We're looking at £4 waged and £3 if you're currently drowning in your own fluids thanks to David Cameron's government. Less than a pint, more than a sausage roll. 

What is The Delightful Sausage?

Okay, so CLB is being presented by The Delightful Sausage, an umbrella organisation which is looking to produce and host uniquely oddball Alternative Comedy nights. We'll select prime cuts of meat you're unlikely to find in your local supermarket pumped full of salted water. CLB is the first night we're turning our little clawed hands to, there will be more.

Munch munch.

What's next?     

Here's a quick list of all the things which need doing...

  • Develop the logo and design assets.
  • Design posters, flyers and Social Media assets.
  • Contact local press and publications.
  • Set up a link to get some tickets.  
  • Beg friends and family to put their bus on some seats.
  • Book the acts, write some jokes, draw some slides.   

Read more

I'm planning on covering the whole process of setting up a night here. There are huge gaps in my knowledge so I'll keep you up to date with how obstacles are tackled. Click the tag 'Comedy Night 101' to read more.