Manchester > London

How's 2015 treating everybody?  

Right now I'm working at a funky tech start up in the East End of London. They not only do CRM but also PRM, putting servers into washing machines and that. All that means is that I take my calls on a beanbag.

The news from Cantrill Towers is that in June we're relocating to Manchester to take advantage of lowered overheads but also because I think of myself as Sean Bean's character in Game of Thrones. The more time I spend in Kings Landing the more chance those pesky southerners will band together and put my head on a spike. Granted, it's in Lancashire but we're going to be close enough to the White Rose to draw power from it.   

You can also expect a new Interactive text-based adventure game in the next couple of months. It'll allow you to see the world through my eyes so will be coming with a serious health warning. More on that soon though...