Tiddleminster; the first shows



The first two 'Welcome to Tiddleminster' shows are in the bag and I am writing this looking from a deep post-gig depression.

As with last year's 'Halloween Horror Compendium' it was hugely beneficial to do it twice. On the second night you get to dump a ton of anxiety and have a better idea of what you're working with. I've already got a ton of tweaks and ideas to look into on the long road to Edinburgh.  

As I've said, the ultimate aim for this show is for me to have an hour's worth of performance which, once seen, forever changes the chemical make-up of the brain leading to erratic, unpredictable and violent behaviour.


I'll keep this blog updated with gigs and all the things we're working on to make it like a Foxtons top salesman, i.e. slick. It was great to do the show to a sea of familiar, friendly faces. The downside of this is that I didn't need to print flyers and boosting Facebook posts to reach 5,000 people is a mug's game. You might as well be throwing your money in a canal which would probably attract more people.