Still Dre

My digital domain hasn't been updated for a while. Simply put; too much drama in my life. All y'all need to know is that business as (un)usual has resumed and I'm still Dre. I never stopped being Dre.

 This weekend I've been on a stag do where I fired a gun for the first time, opening a dark doorway. A man also did a poo in his trousers and wasn't so much horrified as proud. A note to the ladies; if you let us off the leash for too long we will run wild and we will run deep.

 One of the guys was telling me that there's a new 4G service they're trialling which will mean you don't need to fadge about with a phone line or any other type of hard wiring. You can also take it with you, plug it in wherever you want - tethering the internet to the individual.

Once the product guys get enough party powder in them to get their heads around the concept of someone having domain over a personal internet. They could make it look like an alien glob you have to take with you and keep it fed on digital energy to keep you entertained like a real life Tamogotchi.

I think that we'll get to the point where, at a certain age you'll have a big party to celebrate getting your own symbiotic internet connection. That's what I think, what do you think?   

 See you at the gathering of the Juggalos,