I've recently bought myself a code to join the on-line craze which is taking the world’s autistic children by storm; Minecraft.   

For the first few hours in this digital Legoland Windsor I have built a tower of onyx so large it pierces the clouds. An inlaid golden staircase sits on the outer rim of the black tower and when you get to the top you can marvel at the randomly generated landscape which is much more beautiful than the Yorkshire Moors.   

You will also be able to see through the mountain terrain into the next valley where I built a larva spewing, cock shaped castle. It’s called Cocklevania and shame made me build it in a crater.

Any requests on what to build next? I’m thinking the Royal Albert Hall and we’ll put a load of pigs in it. In that way, I guess I am very edgy like Banksy.                

limitless horizons

limitless horizons