Mothtasia; Glasgow, Condiments & Pudding le Noir

The standard was excellent across the board but Craig Hunter really stood out as a 'jaw on the flaw' act. It's really nice to meet some different acts. Knocking around with London and looking into the cold, dead eyes of James Shakeshaft over board games, who after the longest pause will always ask how the horse moves, even though we're playing Ludo. Like most sociopaths, James has the ability to be superficially charming but wouldn't blink if you got your foot caught in a bear trap. 

photo (5).JPG

In terms of my set, last night was tougher. It's a mixture of being first on and probably not having enough of a think about the bits which struggled in advance. Lots to think about for tonight's final Newcastle gig. 

A run in with a Customer Services rep at Glasgow Central reminded me of the TFL posters which show their employees battered and bruised with "we don't deserve this" across the top and today made me think "Some of you do".  I also noticed that some head office hot-shot has done away with the condiment bank in J.D. Weatherspoons as a cost saving measure.  

And finally; I really like black pudding now so please update your Fan Club ring binder. Newcastle this evening for the final night of Mothtasia.