Mothtasia; Liver, Lager & Boyle


Depending on what organ this picture (see left) illustrates, I've developed a problem with either my liver or stomach. It's a sharp pain which is catching me unaware and really throwing me off my Angry Birds Star Wars 2 catapult shots.

Kids growing up now will probably benefit from new organs being grown onto the backs of household pets which are normally inserted into lonely bachelors or they'll be lucky enough to have 'better than God's plan' replacements done via a part organic, self-aware plastic pumped out of a 3D printer. But why would you put that technology which is the culmination of years of research, technological advancements and genius into a piece of bloated old aubergine like me?

Set List.JPG

My body is even rejecting things that were built into the original spec (hair, teeth etc.) so the best I can hope for  is that a replacement will be delivered to me by the rain-soaked front wheel of a biker who thinks "a 30 is for pussies".    

Actually, now I come to think of it; earlier I ate a burrito like someone was stop watching me.