It puts the lotion on its beard...

Top Lad Big Boy

Here's how close I got to Sunil Patel at Finsbury Park Underground station this week. He was totally unaware and I got close enough to snap this picture. 

Stalking Patel was a powerful feeling that took me closer to Kanye West than ever before, specifically the line "I am a God hurry up with my damn massage". I felt a lot like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs, stalking corn-bred Clarice Starling through the basement wearing night vision goggles. Poor guy; all he's trying to do is get dressed in some skin. 

You can read more about Patel so that you too may understand the true nature of obsession here, On Monday I saw him talk about a giant baby and say "those guys just eat cocaine" and it made me laugh a lot. Which I guess is why they pay him the big money.

Here's a video/chilling warning that I purposefully shot to include one of my fancy screen print images in the background.  

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