'Edutainment' with Hen Von S (Deceased)


This evening I had the pleasure of doing a spot for the famous philanthropist and Bitcoin hoarder, Henry Von Stifle at his new night of Intellectual Cabaret in Stoke Newington*. You've got the Yew Tree survivor himself, his kindly butler Spiff (who looked a lot like some plump kid I know, who's been spoilt rotten) and a host of acts that are going to make your mind, heart and tip sting. He runs them at regular intervals and hikes up the ticket price each time but you can't blame him,  that porpoise ain't going to keep itself moist.  

Here's a link to the Facebook page, if one day you click through and it reads 'unavailable' then you know that the full force of the state's hobnail has come down on the throats of these boys. The slugs that run this economy are unlikely to let something so pure continue to grow, lest it blossom and people just stop going into work and start fiddling each other off all day. 

He even paid me for the privilege...


 *Where is Stoke Newington? Well, travel all night long following the North Star and a little bit into the new dawn and you're still nowhere near.