The Day of the Grand Moth (Jan 25th)

photo (1).JPG

Like some of you, I'm currently prepping for the annual Day of the Grand Moth, this coming Saturday, 25th January. There's a great feeling of anticipation dusting off the burgundy robes, polishing the brass on the ceremonial lantern and drawing my favourite characters from the dance (pic left). Every year, members of the order go through these same rituals for this increasingly overlooked celebration.    

When I was younger, I used to hate being raised religious but looking back it's given me the values and inner strength to survive in a world where there's us, middle management, maybe an MD or two and the CEO and above them all a skulk of exquisite foxes who have all the best games because they hold little regard for Moore's law.

How does your family celebrate The Day of the Grand Moth? Tap me out an email if you're planning anything extra special!